Is your entire Customer Experience Map optimized ?

Published: 23rd February 2011
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Definition of Customer Corridor ?

It represents the overall user experience your customers have had in learning about your products and services, buying and using them.

Why is Customer Experience important to you ?

Customer Experience is neither about Customer Support nor about the buying process. Its a comprehensive view of a customer becoming aware of the brand, your products and services, his experience in the buying process, in the consumption process, in support, his experience in sharing his experience with his other contacts. Now, you know how one customer can drastically influence your business. Each customer has got plenty of touch-points with your brand and its product and he has several touch-points elsewhere (his family, colleagues, friends etc).

So, Companies that are very customer focused have always wanted to ensure that all the touch-points are sufficiently taken care off, to offer a uniform customer experience, which is very important to the business. All it takes it just one bad customer experience to drive hoards of customers (and his contacts) away from your business.

One small guest experience fix can lead to significant business results!

Recently, while speaking to a Hotel Operations Manager, I learnt an important aspect of User Experience. While the Hotel had a great In-Room service that the guest really enjoyed, the Check-Out wasn't that pleasant. The guest was made to wait for a long time before the Check-Out happened and the guest had to rush to catch his flight.

The Hotel Manager was able to find and fix the problem using a Customer Experience Map software. Now, he has increased his number of loyal guests, who frequent the hotel not because of the mileage points for repeat visits, but because of great user experience.

Measuring and Improving your Customer Experience is important if you want to build a loyal customer base. Loyalty is about emotional engagement. We are redefining Loyalty, and help convert your most loyal customers as your sales force and grow sales. Sign-up Early: Loyaltics to get an exclusive free access when launched.

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